Connecting Social Profiles Pages and Groups

The very first step to getting started with Oktopost is to connect your social profiles. Oktopost allows you to add personal social profiles, company pages, and group pages that you manage, as well as those of colleagues, to post on their behalf.

Supported Channels

Oktopost allows you to manage the following channels:

Network Channels
LinkedIn Personal Profiles, Company, and Showcase Pages
Facebook Business Pages and Groups
Instagram Business Profiles
Twitter Twitter Handles
YouTube YouTube Channels
WeChat WeChat Profiles

How to Add a New Social Profile to Oktopost

To add a new social profile to Oktopost, go to the Social Profiles tab in your account, click on Connect a Profile and select the channel that you want to add.

Next, you will be redirected to the social network and asked to grant Oktopost access to your account, make sure to approve all of the permissions. Once the process is complete, the social network will send you back to the Social Profiles tab in Oktopost.

Note that if you chose to connect a Page, a popup window would appear, allowing you to select from the pages you manage.

How to Connect Your Instagram Business Page

To add your Instagram Business Page to Oktopost, you will have to authorize it through Facebook.

You will also need to make sure that your Instagram Business Page is connected to a Facebook Page that you own and that you have admin access to that page on Facebook.

To check that your Instagram Business Page is connected to your Facebook Business Page, you can go into the Instagram App on your phone/tablet. Go to your Instagram Business Page's Profile and click "Edit Profile." There should be a "Page" field with your Facebook Business Page's name next to it.

Facebook Groups

To manage your Facebook Group with Oktopost, you need to install the Oktopost Facebook Groups app.

Adding Your Colleagues Profiles

Oktopost also allows you to extend an invite to your colleagues to manage the profiles and pages they own on their behalf and without providing them with access to the platform.

To send an invite, simply choose the "Invite a Colleague" option and enter your colleague's name and email address. Your colleague will receive an email containing links to add their social profiles. Once they connect any social profile to Oktopost, it will become available for you to manage.

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