Setting Up Streams

The Oktopost Streams allow you to monitor social media channels in real-time and engage with your audience.

Creating Streams

To create a new stream, simply head over to the Streams tab in your account, click on the big plus button and select the desired stream type.

When creating a new stream you will have to select the profile or page which will be used to request the data from the social network. The same profile or page will later be used when engaging with posts in that stream.

Organizing streams

Once you created a few streams you can also start organizing them into tabs located above the streams. Each tab can contain several streams, and while the number of streams per tab is not limited, we recommend a maximum amount of 5-7 streams per tab according to your screen width.

Stream Types


Type Description
Mentions View the most recent mentions of the selected handle
Retweets View the tweets that have been recently retweeted
Feed View the most recent tweets sent by the selected handle
Search View the most relevant tweets matching a specified search query. See Twitter Search
Lists View a timeline of tweets authored by members of the specified list
Likes View the most recent recent tweets likes by the selected handle
Home Timeline View tweets and retweets posted by the selected handle and the users he follows


Type Description
Business Page View most recent posts by the selected page
Group Page View most recent posts by the selected page
TagsView posts with tags of the selected page


Type Description
Home Feed View most recent media by a connected profile
Hashtags View a list of tagged media by tag name


LinkedIn offers only a page stream which allows you to follow the home timeline for the selected page.

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