Why do I need to reconnect my page or profile?

Every so often, you may be required to re-connect your profiles and pages to Oktopost. This can happen due to several reasons:

  • A periodical requirement by the social network.
  • A posting error occurred that caused the need for revalidation.
  • The user, who connected the profile, revoked, or changed Oktopost's access permissions on the social network.
  • The user never completed the authorization process (a step may have been skipped).

How to Re-connect Your Social Profile

To re-connect your profile or page to Oktopost, click on the Re-connect link inside the notification you see inside the platform or the email that you received.

Note that to re-connect your profile or page, you have to be the person who initially added it to Oktopost. If you're not it but still have admin access to the social account, you will need to re-add it. Re-adding means that you can skip the Re-connect button, click on the Connect a Profile button from inside the platform and add it from scratch.

How to Handle Permission Changes on The Social Network

To provide the service, Oktopost needs programmatic access permissions to your social account. If you, or the user who connected the profile, decide to change the requested permissions, you will not be able to use the system and need to re-connect the profile. In this case, you will need first to revoke Oktopost's permissions from the social network, and then re-add it from scratch.

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