The Social Inbox

The social inbox aggregates all inbound social conversations to one place, allowing you and your team members to manage and track responses at scale.

The social inbox can be used to answer support or sales related questions as well as route conversations to the right representative using powerful integrations.

Supported Channels

Social media conversations can start when a user sends you a direct message or leaves a comment on your post. Here are the all the channels that will automatically create a new conversation in your inbox:

  • Twitter: Mentions, Replies, and Direct Messages
  • LinkedIn: Comments
  • Facebook: Tags, Comments, and Direct Messages
  • Instagram: Comments
  • YouTube: Comments

Sponsored Posts

  • Facebook Boosted Posts: yes
  • Facebook Ads: yes
  • Twitter Ads: yes
  • LinkedIn Ads: no

Managing Responses

Once a new conversation is detected by Oktopost it will appear in your inbox. Any user in your account with access to the inbox and the profile related to the conversation will be able to view the conversation.

Conversation Statuses

Every conversation has two possible statuses: Open and Closed. Once you Mark an Item as Closed, it will be closed and removed from your Inbox feed. If Oktopost detects an update related to a closed conversation, such as another reply or a comment, it will automatically put the closed item back into your inbox, in Open status. This behavior essentially allows you and your team to maintain a Zero Inbox without missing out anything.

Conversation statuses are the same for all users, meaning that if you Mark an Item as Closed, it will be closed for other users as well.

To help differentiate between seen and unseen items, seen items will be greyed out. This state will only be visible to you. Once a seen conversation is updated, it will pop back up to the top of your inbox and be displayed as unseen.

Other Engagement Types

Besides to option to reply, the inbox also allows you to like, share or send a direct message to the user who initiated the conversation. These options are available depending on the network and if the conversation is public or not.

If you choose to send a direct message to the user who initiated the conversation, a new inbox conversation with that thread will appear once that user replies back to you.

Search Filters

To help sort conversations, the inbox allows each user to create their own tabs containing feeds based on custom search and filters. The tabs on the inbox are individual to every user. By default, all users will have the following tabs:

  • Inbox: A feed containing Unassigned conversations in Pending status
  • Assigned to me: A feed containing conversations assigned to me in Pending status
  • Assigned to any: A feed containing all assigned conversations in Pending status

Tabs can be renamed or removed, and new tabs can be easily added. To customize the feed inside a tab, simply apply the desired search filters and Save the search. If you do not save your Search, the filters will reset on your next visit to the tab.

Custom Search

The custom search allows you to search for specific texts inside comments and messages in your inbox. Here are a few examples of how you can form search queries to find the conversations you're looking for:

Searching For … Will find …
watching now Containing both "watching" and "now". This is the default operator.
"happy hour" Containing the exact phrase "happy hour".
beer -root Containing "beer" but not "root".


The social inbox allows you to assign conversations by simply selecting the user you want to assign the conversation to. Assignments allow team members to allocate responsibility for replying or handling conversations.

Whenever you reply to a conversation, it will be automatically assigned to you. Every action taken in regards to an assigned conversation will be visible in the History.

Using assignments users can collaborate with each other and stay on top of on-going conversations. Once a conversation is assigned, several notification types will apply to it:

  • When a conversation is assigned or re-assigned
  • When someone leaves a note on a conversation
  • When a conversation status changes
  • When someone mentions a user in a note

All of the above are available both via email and in-app notifications.

Integrating With The Inbox

In many cases, conversations start in social but can very quickly move to other channels. In these case, you may wish to streamline the process by integrating the inbox with other systems such as CRM or support.

There are several integration options available, starting with our native Salesforce Cases integration and continuing with our Zapier integration and webhooks. If you wish to integrate the inbox with any 3rd party system, and would like more information, please feel free to contact support.

The Facebook Messenger handover protocol, implemented in the Inbox, allows you to simultaneously use a chatbot for handling automated responses and Oktopost for customer service with live agents. Instead of 24 hours that businesses have to respond to a user, according to Facebook API, Oktopost users have 7 days to seamlessly continue bot conversations.

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