Managing Advocacy Messages

The Oktopost Social Advocacy Board allows you to easily provide content to your advocates. The board is designed to fit into your existing workflow or run your own advocacy program within Oktopost. This article describes the different methods you can use to manage the content on your social boards.

Message Management

Once a board is created you will be able to manage all of the messages within it using the Messages tab. To reach the Messages tab simply head over to Advocacy, select the board, and navigate to Messages.

Similar to Message Assets in your Oktopost Campaigns, this Messages tab allows you to view, create, edit and delete messages that appear on your board.

How to create a new message

  1. Click on the New Message button.
  2. Select the social network that you want the message to be shared on. 
  3. Select the campaign you want the message to be associated with.
  4. Enter the message text, link or image.
  5. Select the time and date you want the message to be published to the board.
  6. Select the topics this message will be associated with.
  7. Click Save.

Selecting messages from existing campaigns

You can also add messages from existing campaigns by first selecting the campaign and then choosing from the message assets selection. 

Copying messages to the board

Oktopost also allows you to copy existing messages from different campaigns onto each board. This action can be done via the Message Assets tab or the scheduling console.

Once one or more messages have been selected, you will notice a Copy icon that will allow you to choose the board, pick the schedule and expiration time, and select relevant topics for the messages.

Please note that copying messages will NOT create duplicate messages so you do not have to worry about selecting the same message several times.

Message statuses

Advocacy messages have two available statuses: Scheduled and Published. Scheduled means that the message will be available at the chosen publish date and Published means that the message is already available for sharing.

Please note that if an advocate has already shared or discarded a message, it will not show on his or her board even though the message has been published.

Message Expiration Period

Advocacy messages can have an expiration date which can be set either individually or per board. To set the expiration per individual message select the Add Expiration Date option in the post console (when creating the message). Next, select a time period or choose a custom date/time.

To set the expiration date for an entire board head over to the Settings tab of a Social Advocacy Board and under Default Post Expiration Period, select one of the time periods. 

Mark Messages as Important

You can mark Messages as Important when copying them to the Advocacy Board. Doing so will put them at the top of the Advocacy Board for your Advocates with a Star Icon noting its importance. You can also mark Messages already on the Board's Message list as Important by clicking the Bell icon next to the Status field for a Message.


By default, Advocates will receive daily notifications about new items that were recently added and were not already shared by them. Also by default, Advocates will receive email notifications when a Message marked as Important is published to the Board. Note that a Message that was marked as Important after it has already reached the Board will not send an email notification. 

Each advocate can control the notification preferences from the Settings tab inside their individual Board.


Each message can be associated with one or more topics, which the advocates can filter. Topics can be assigned directly from the same menu that is used for copying messages or for creating a new message.

Please note that since topics are used by advocates, the subjects should be clear and kept to a minimum in order make filtering easier.

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