Targeted Updates on Linkedln Company Pages

LinkedIn company updates can be targeted to give companies the ability to tailor content to specific audiences within their follower base. Targeted update filters include options such as: company size, industry, function, seniority, geography, and language preference.

How to Create a Targeted Update

To create a targeted update in Oktopost simply create a new post, select the company page you want to create the update with and then click on the targeting icon that appears below the message box.


Once the targeting window appears, select the target audience based on the filters. Please note that your company must have at least 300 followers within the selected target group in order to create a targeted update.

Visibility of Targeted Company Updates

LinkedIn Company Pages show each member all of the updates meant for them.

  • Updates without any targeting will appear to everyone who views the company page.
  • Targeted updates will only appear to viewers who meet the targeting criteria.

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