The Media Library

In addition to sharing images and videos from your personal computer or mobile device, Oktopost also allows you to utilize various other sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, and your very own Media Library.

The Media Library contains every image and video that you previously shared from the platform and lets you easily reuse these assets across the social networks.

To access the Media Library just click on the camera icon when creating a new post, or message asset, and select the box icon from the list. You can use the Media Library to browse, select and delete existing media assets. Please note that:

  • Searching for media is done according to file names. We recommend using semantic file names to enable better search.
  • Deleting media assets will only remove them from the Media Library, not from existing messages and posts.
  • We do not resize or transform images or videos in any way. If they appear different in previews, it's because we change the display proportions on the browser. We send the files to each network as-is.
  • The Media Library supports the following image editing functions: crop, blur, sharpen, enhance, grayscale, rotate, mirror and flip. Using any of these functions will save the only the new image, not the original one.

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