Click Discrepancies Between Oktopost and Other Platforms

Oktopost clicks are defined by the number of clicks on shared links in your posts, meaning Link Clicks.

In some cases, you may want to cross-reference click data from Oktopost with other platforms to get a more complete picture of your social marketing funnel. In these cases, in order to understand the data, it's important to remember the definition of clicks in Oktopost versus each platform.

The list below includes the most common cases where the definition of clicks is different from Oktopost or cases where actual discrepancies may occur. Even if the platform you're using is not listed, we still recommend reading on as the reasons below may apply to your platform as-well.

Linkedln Post Clicks

LinkedIn clicks are represented in Oktopost as Post Clicks. As oppose to link clicks, the clicks metric LinkedIn shows in their company page analytics are measured each time a user clicks on content in your post, the company name or the company logo. This metric doesn't include interactions (shares, likes, and comments) or followers acquired.

At this time, there's no way to cross-reference link clicks with LinkedIn as they do not offer this metric.

Facebook Post Clicks

Facebook actually does offer a Link Clicks metrics, however it is not displayed on Page Insights. The clicks on Page Insights refer to Post Clicks, meaning the total number of clicks on your post. This may include offsite clicks to your website, page likes, post comments, event responses or app installs.

To view the number of link clicks on your Facebook page posts simply export data from Page Insights. The metric will show under the Lifetime Post Consumption tab in your downloaded Excel Sheet.

Google Analytics Sessions Vs Oktopost Clicks

Providing UTM tagging is turned on in your account, you will be able to track clicks from social to your website using Google Analytics (GA). However, since shared posts may contain links to external sites, these clicks will not be reflected in your GA dashboard.

If you wish to track all social clicks in GA, you can use the Google Analytics integration.

The Oktopost click count is dependant on our link shortener: Each link that you share via Oktopost will get automatically shortened using and every click on an link will be recorded in your dashboard.

With that, if the http(s) prefix is omitted from any shared URL, Oktopost will not be able to recognise the link and therefor will not shorten it. Since social networks still recognise links without http(s), users will still be able to click through these links and but the clicks they generate will not be recorded in Oktopost.

Other Discrepancies

Usually when analysing quantitive data, slight discrepancies are tolerable since they do not skew the complete picture. If you encountered a large deviation in your data which cannot be explained by any of the reasons above, please let us know by contacting us.

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