Glossary of Terms

This table provides an alphabetical list of terms and their description in order to better understand and familiarize yourself with any action or feature available on Oktopost.

Name Description
API Application Program Interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how Oktopost communicates with social networks and 3rd party software.
Acquisition Dashboard An analytics dashboard is a tool for tracking conversions and identifying the most engaging channels and messages.
Advocacy An activity which involves individuals or groups supporting, recommending, or voicing their opinion about the company and its product or service. Advocacy programs often incorporate media campaigns.
Advocacy Admin Panel An interface which enables the person in charge of the advocacy program to manage advocacy boards and provide employees with messages to share.
Advocate A person who publicly supports, promotes and influences others' decisions regarding a company's product or service. Advocates usually use media campaigns.
App Users Individuals who have login access to the Oktopost platform.
Archive Campaign An action which places a campaign in the archive.
Audience Dashboard A dashboard which displays the total number of new and current followers, and segments audiences into networks and demographics.
Autoposter A feature which allows users to easily schedule posts across multiple social profiles.
Board Users Individuals who have login access to the social advocacy board to which they were invited.
Boards A message board from which advocates/members can share content to their personal social profiles.
Browser Add-Ons The Browser Add-Ons allow users to share content directly from their browser without ever having to leave the page.
Calendar An editorial calendar provides a visual representation which allows users to manage and view their social media posts categorized by campaigns, profiles, networks, users, and campaign tags.
Campaign Tags Used to group campaigns with similar keywords in order to analyze them side by side. They can be assigned when creating a new campaign and edited under each campaigns' settings tab.
Campaigns An essential feature of Oktopost that enables the organization and measurement of social posts around specific marketing activities and topics. Every post scheduled in Oktopost is assigned to a specific campaign.
Channels Refers to social media networks which represent the sources used to create each post. In Oktopost you can analyze performance by channel.
Clicks The number of clicks on shared links in social posts.
Comments The number of comments on shared posts.
Content Curation The process of gathering information from around the web that is relevant to a particular topic or area of interest and then sharing it on social media. The idea is that marketers don't just share their own content; they also share others'.
Conversions A conversion is any action a user makes that has value for your business. It can be anything from filling out a web-form to downloading a white-paper.
Delete Campaign The action of deleting the campaign entirely from your account.
Detail Expands The number of times a Tweet has been clicked on to see more details.
Engagement Refers to people's interaction with content that you published on social media, including clicks, likes, comments, and shares.
Engagement Dashboard A dashboard which allows users to view engagement metrics (e.g. clicks, shares, likes, comments) and engagement categorized by networks, channels, time of day, and campaigns.
Engagement Rate The number of engagements relative to the number of potential impressions.
Hashtags A hashtag—written with a '#' symbol—is used to index keywords or topics mainly on Twitter, but also on Facebook and Google+.
Impressions The number of times your posts were potentially exposed in someone's feed.
Inbox A feature which collects all the comments on posts published via the platform. It enables you to reply to them directly from the Oktopost interface.
Integrations Oktopost enables users to connect and sync their social data with third party platforms such as Salesforce and Marketo.
Invite a Colleague An option which allows colleagues to connect their social profiles or pages by sending them an email invite.
Keywords Stream A Twitter stream that allows you to view and engage with tweets based on a keyword search.
Lead An individual who has converted by leaving his/her personal information.
Licenses Purchasing a license allows you to add assets such as advocates, social profiles, and users.
Likes The number of likes on shared posts.
Links Links attached to posts published via the platform.
Media Clicks The number of clicks on your content, company name, or logo. Excluding interactions. Applies only for LinkedIn.
Mentions The number of times your handles were mentioned on Twitter.
Message Asset A message asset contains the text, link attachment or image, which is automatically saved after publishing a post. It can be created manually in the Message Assets tab.
Networks A social network on Oktopost can be Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
Pause Campaign An action that will pause all scheduled posts in a specific campaign.
Potential Impressions The number of times your posts were potentially exposed in someone's feed.
Profiles Personal social profiles.
Purge Campaign An action that will delete all scheduled posts in a specific campaign.
Queue A feature which allows to pre-define blocks of time in which you'd like your posts to be published.
REST API Oktopost provides users with a public REST API with access to all the basic actions and data in a users' account.
Reach The potential number of people who have seen shared items by board users.
Reconnect Reconnecting social profiles is a part of a security process required to re-authenticate them after a certain time period or if an "unauthorized" error is sent to us in response to a social profile's action.
Reports Visual reports on various metrics that allow you to better analyze the data.
Roles Roles and Permissions allow you to define each team member's access to each function inside the platform.
Scheduled Exports This feature allows you to easily connect all your social analytics data from Oktopost to your business intelligence (BI) platform.
Shares The number of times posts were shared or retweeted.
Streams A feature which allows you to monitor social media channels in real-time and help engage with your audience.
Teams This feature allows you to define groups of users with common access to specific social profiles and campaigns while preventing access to others.
Twitter Insights An add-on to the platform's analytics. It enables accurate impressions data and additional engagement metrics for Twitter.
User Follows The total number of users who are following your profiles and pages.
User Sessions The total number of times an advocate has signed into the social board.

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